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категория аренда
тип коммерческого помещения торговое помещение
примечание к цене + poplatky + kauce
общая площадь 70  (м2)
номер 4641
населенный пункт Praha
  • Цена580,- за м2 / месяц

We offer for rent retail space with a total area of ​​70.3 m2, located on the 1st above-ground floor (ground floor) of a building with direct access from the street Šaldova, Prague 8 - Karlín.

The premises consist of a front space of 56.6 m2, a rear space (warehouse) of 13.7 m2, a toilet of 4.3 m2 and a corridor of 2.2 m2, an add-on factor of 7.3%, ie for the calculation
rent is an area of ​​75.43 m2. The premises are approved as business premises.

Rent: price from 580 CZK / m2 / month without VAT.
Annual rent indexation (according to current CZSO data).
Advance payments for services: 110 CZK / m2 / month (including advances for energy consumption).
Deposit: 2x monthly rents including VAT + 2x deposit for services.
Lease period: preferred lease agreement for a definite period, minimum lease period 2 years.

Central heating and cooling by means of cooling beams, clear height of retail space 4 m, additional air conditioning, air conditioning, EPS, burglar alarm. Reception service in the entrance hall of the building on weekdays 8:00 - 16:30, 24/7 security, access to magnetic chips. The company\'s logo can be placed on the building\'s information system and in the entrance area to its rented premises. Garage spaces are available for rent in the building.

The landlord is ready to consult the technical requirements of the tenant for the modification of the premises, to implement construction modifications of the premises, to ensure the discussion of the required changes with the relevant authorities.

AeroHouse benefits from an exclusive location, which is also easily accessible by Prague public transport and by car. The Křižíkova metro station is within walking distance, and a tram stop is in the immediate vicinity of Sokolovská Street. In addition, the underground car park offers plenty of parking spaces for visitors to the building. In the immediate vicinity there is a fitness center, restaurant, parking and other services. In the immediate vicinity of the Křižíkova metro station is the Holmes Place wellness center, which offers a wide range
portfolio of services. Employees will appreciate the civic amenities of Karlín, where there is a wide range of restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars.

The administrative building Aero house is located in a quiet part of Karlín. The original functionalist five-storey building with a basement was built in the years 1933-1934 and was originally used for repairs of sports cars and the production of components for aircraft. The sensitive completion of the gap was realized in the years 2014-2015 and brought a unique combination of the original unique functionalist architecture of the first half of the 20th century, modern technologies and building procedures, which resulted in unique commercial and office space. If you are looking for a house brand for your company: genius loci, then you have come to the right place. Aero house is a perfect example of what time-tested will always serve in
even better form than in the past.

The building has 6 floors above ground and 1 underground floor, and the areas are divided into:
office space 2 301 m2, retail space 238 m2, parking 36 places,
storage area 106 m2.

техническое состояние объекта в очень хорошем состоянии
технология строительства объекта кирпич
общее количество этажей 5

площадь застройки 70.3  (м2)

городской общественный транспорт да
количество парковочных мест 0

включая оборудование нет
лифт да
количество парковочных мест 0

электричество 230 W да
электричество 400 W да
водоснабжение да
канализация да

класс энергетической эффективности C - Экономичный