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категория аренда
тип коммерческого помещения офис
примечание к цене + services and energy + deposit + agency commission
общая площадь 152  (м2)
номер 4053
населенный пункт Praha
  • Цена45 508,- в месяц

We offer for long-term rent office space with a total area of ​​152.2 m2 with an entrance from Slezská Street, located on the 1st above-ground floor of the Agora Flora multifunctional building, in the immediate vicinity of the A Flora metro station, tram and bus stops.

Openable windows, air conditioning system - heating and cooling, own bathroom, entrance to common areas for chips, security 24/7, EPC, CCTV, underground garage.

The building includes, among other things, the Czech Post Office, Albert store, fitness center, Hot Yoga studio, hairdresser, pediatrician\'s office, restaurant and other gastronomic establishments and shops.

It is possible to rent a garage space in the building (CZK 3,000 without VAT + services CZK 500 including VAT).
The amount of rent for office space from 299 CZK/m2/month without VAT (depending on the length of the lease).
Deposit for services and energy 120 CZK/m2/month including VAT.
Security deposit of 2 months rent including VAT and 2 deposits for services and energy.

The landlord prefers a fixed-term lease. Optimal rental period min. 3 years.

техническое состояние объекта в очень хорошем состоянии
технология строительства объекта кирпич
общее количество этажей 8

полезная площадь 152,20  (м2)
площадь застройки 152,20  (м2)

городской общественный транспорт да

гараж да
лифт да

водоснабжение да
канализация да

класс энергетической эффективности G - чрезвычайно неэкономичный