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категория продажа
тип земельного участка участок под застройку
примечание к цене including REA commission and law services
общая площадь 923  (м2)
номер 3957
населенный пункт Štíhlice
  • Цена2 706 000,- для недвижимости

We\'re offering a building lot for sale. The total area is 923 sqm. Prague-East in the Central Bohemia Region - "Středočeský kraj". The price includes complete utilities (electricity, water, sewerage) and asphalt access road, which will be completed in December 2019. Permitted construction of a house with a maximum of 3 above-ground floors, including the attic. The roofing of the house does not allow a flat roof, it is recommended to use traditional sheet metal coverings. The maximum ratio of built-up area to total land area is 1:3. The village of "Štíhlice" is situated about 30 km east of the center of Prague and 10 km east of the town of Říčany. We recommend a tour of the property.