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Štaubert Karel

Štaubert Karel

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категория аренда
тип коммерческого помещения торговое помещение
примечание к цене Services: 200 CZK/m2 + parking space 570 CZK + VAT per month
общая площадь 678  (м2)
номер 6059
населенный пункт Praha
  • Цена22,- за м2

The representative business space in the centre of Prague 1 are located on Jungmannova Street, which connects Vodičkova Street with the intersection of 28 October, Národní and Perlová Streets in Prague\'s New Town. The advantage of this strategic location is excellent public transport accessibility. The building is close to the B Národní třída metro station and several tram and bus stops. There are also plenty of restaurants, shops, bank branches and other services in the vicinity of the building.

The architect of the current reconstruction and extension is the Prague studio DaM architekti. The aim was to create a pure office building with open terraces and large green areas. The historic part is connected to the new part of the building and together they provide approximately 7,600 sqm of prime office and retail space for lease in a premium location in the city centre.
The offices in the historic part correspond to the original building design, but can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the tenants. The space can be used as a dance studio with a café or other operations are possible.

Rental price: 21,5, euro per m2
Terrace price: 1,5 euro per m2

Services: 200 CZK/m2 + parking space 570 CZK + VAT

техническое состояние объекта в очень хорошем состоянии
технология строительства объекта кирпич
общее количество этажей 4

полезная площадь 678.45  (м2)
площадь террасы 40.96  (м2)
площадь застройки 678.45  (м2)

городской общественный транспорт да

парковка да
количество парковочных мест 1

электричество 230 W да
канализация да
центральное отопление да

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