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Štaubert Karel

Štaubert Karel

Máte zájem o prohlídku? Zavolejte, napište mail, nebo vyplňte formulář na konci stránky. Plynule mluvím anglicky i rusky.

Are you interested in a tour? Call, write an e-mail or fill in the form at the bottom of the page. I speak fluent English and Russian.

Вы заинтересованы в просмотре недвижимости? Позвоните, напишите нам по электронной почте или заполните форму внизу страницы. Я свободно говорю на английском и русском языках.

категория продажа
тип земельного участка участок под застройку
примечание к цене In the case of more interested parties, the agency can use the form of an auction to select the buyer.
общая площадь 1429  (м2)
номер 5044
населенный пункт Praha
  • Цена20 000 000,- для недвижимости

We offer for sale an interesting investment building plot with an area of 1429 m2. It is also possible to buy two smaller adjacent plots and increase the land area by approximately 230 m2. The land is located in Modřany, specifically in Vzpoury Street. Utility networks (water, electricity, gas and sewerage) are near by of the plot. This is personal property and the property is not legally encumbered. Built-up coefficient B. A family house can have up to 3 storeys and a building for commercial purposes can have a floor of 2. The land is followed by a green strip, which leads to Modřanská ravine and the valley of the Cholupický stream. The land attracts with its location, which offers plenty of surrounding greenery and a quick connection to the center of the metropolis. The owner reserves the right to accept the highest bid. Contact the broker below for more information.

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городской общественный транспорт да
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электричество 230 W да
электричество 400 W да
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