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категория продажа
тип земельного участка участок под застройку
примечание к цене 5,600,000 CZK including agency commission
общая площадь 3617  (м2)
номер 4848
населенный пункт Vysoký Újezd
  • Цена10 308 450,- для недвижимости

We offer for sale a land with an area of 3 617 m2 with the construction of utilities (electricity, water, gas, municipal sewerage) in mid-2021.

For the locality we have developed a project of modern storey houses made by de.fakto studio that we would like to introduce you. The building permit and other essentials are prearranged for each plot, so you can start building immediately.

Despite the proximity of Prague and good transport accessibility (in 15 minutes you are in Zličín), Vysoký Újezd retains the charm and character of the village. Its heart is formed by a chateau and an 18-hole golf course, as well as a kindergarten and elementary school, restaurants, cafes, doctors and fitness. Nearby you will find natural beauty, such as quarry Velká Amerika, Svatý Jan pod Skalou and Karlštejn castle. Also because of this is Vysoký Újezd village popular and sought after location.

Land price: 10 308 450 CZK including VAT.