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категория аренда
тип коммерческого помещения офис
примечание к цене + services 40.0000 CZK + deposit
общая площадь 500  (м2)
номер 6789
населенный пункт Praha
  • Цена250 000,- в месяц

Rental of unique office space on the 4th floor of one of the first post-war department stores in Prague. These are spaces with a total area of 493 m2, which are very exclusive for your company or enterprise.

The premises are located in a department store with a history dating back to the 1960s, ie the HOUSE OF FASHION. The building is built in the style of sober neoclassicism of the 50s, which is based on the tradition of pre-war functionalism.

Thanks to such a strategic and lucrative location, you have everything at your fingertips, all metro lines are within a few tens of meters (Muzeum and Můstek stops) and also the Václavské náměstí tram stop. There are many restaurants, cafes, cultural spaces, etc. in the area. It just lives here!

The stated price for the premises is CZK 250.000 / month + services CZK 40.000 month.

техническое состояние объекта в очень хорошем состоянии
технология строительства объекта кирпич
общее количество этажей 8

полезная площадь 500  (м2)
площадь застройки 500  (м2)

интернет да

городской общественный транспорт да

лифт да

электричество 230 W да

класс энергетической эффективности G - чрезвычайно неэкономичный

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