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новостиТоп товаров
категория аренда
тип коммерческой недвижимости склад
примечание к цене + fees + deposit 100 000 CZK + commission
общая площадь 3520  (м2)
номер 7214
населенный пункт Oleška
  • Цена50 000,- в месяц

We offer for long-term lease warehouse premises including adjacent land in the location of the Central Bohemian Region in the village of Oleška - Bulánka with good accessibility from the main road routes.

There are two covered halls with a total area of 520 m2, surrounding handling areas of 3,000 m2 (of which 1,150 m2 are paved asphalt roads in front of the halls and the access road). The site is located on the edge of the village where it does not disturb the residents.

One of the halls is partly designed as a cold room for fruit and vegetables with an area of 110 m2, the fans of the cooling units are functional, the exact temperature setting but not measured. However, the warehouse is well insulated and maintains a constant temperature, it was used for its purpose until the last moment of business.

Approximately 8 metre wide entrance from the road allows servicing of large trucks including trailers or similar equipment. There is also ample space for parking cars and trucks on the premises.

In case of interest, it is also possible to rent an office with a kitchenette of approx. 35 m2 (before renovation). The building is connected to the electricity grid and water supply. Wifi is possible by arrangement.

We prefer to rent to one tenant.

Rent: 50 000 CZK/month + fees.
Deposit: 100 000 CZK.
RK commission: 50 000 CZK + 21% VAT.

техническое состояние объекта в хорошем состоянии
технология строительства объекта сборный
местонахождение объекта отдельно стоящий дом
общее количество этажей 0

полезная площадь 520  (м2)
площадь застройки 520  (м2)

погреб нет

класс энергетической эффективности G - чрезвычайно неэкономичный

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