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Топ товаров
категория продажа
тип земельного участка участок под застройку
примечание к цене including RK commission
общая площадь 457  (м2)
номер 6879
населенный пункт Praha
  • Цена7 677 600,- для недвижимости

We offer for sale 2x plots with an area of 457 m2 with a high coefficient of buildability.
The land with mature trees is located in a quiet part of the urban area Kunratice. Thanks to the location you are guaranteed to have plenty of privacy and peace, while at the same time you will have all the necessary services and amenities within easy reach (OC Chodov, Kunratice).
The full reseeding of the plot, together with the construction of new roads, which are being secured by the neighbours in the area, is set for mid-2026.
Thanks to the size of the plot, you have the opportunity to design and build your house exactly to your liking. Alternatively, leave the plot at 914 m2.

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