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With love for real estate and business, I decided to fulfill the dreams of all people who want to buy new housing and facilities for family or business. In K&Š MAXXUS REALITY, s.r.o. with my team we help people make these dreams come true. Whether selling, buying or renting a property.

We want to show you that our real estate agency provides trusted services in which we trust 100%. In order to meet our commitments, we all in the company not only train our business skills, but also communicate with our clients. For your satisfaction.
We appreciate our clients very much and therefore you can rely on us not only for sale or lease. Ask for professional advocacy advice, financial and tax services, land register negotiations, collaboration with traders, professional photography or home staging.
We can also prove to you that you are at the top with us. Check out our services.

I stand at the head of our office and behind you.

My name is Karel Štaubert and I am managing director of K&Š MAXXUS REALITY, s.r.o. I was born in 1992 in one of the most beautiful metropolis of Europe, in Prague. My studies went to a building construction school with a focus on building construction, where I made sure that real estate is my passion.
Immediately after my studies, I got a job at the Prague company MAXIMA REALITY, s.r.o. Here I applied my knowledge perfectly and improved my business and communication skills.

In less than a year, I advanced to the position of Director of Leases in this company and led a team of sales and administration. Thanks to the results I became the best renter of the year 2012. I kept this title in years 2013 and 2014.
Thanks to my achievements, in 2013 I became the Commercial Director of MAXIMA REALITY, s.r.o. Despite all the successes, my commitment to work has led me to start a new phase of my life and establish a company with new visions.

My dream has always been to establish a real estate company at a highly professional level.

Karel Štaubert,
manager of K&Š MAXXUS REALITY, s.r.o.            

Vision, direction and values of our company

Our business dealings always follow moral ethics and trust between the merchant and the client. With the high professionalism of our employees and traders, we exceed customer expectations and positively influence people's public opinion on the real estate market.

We build long-term and professionally correct relationships with customers and business partners. We believe that they will continue to recommend us, because human relationships are the cornerstone of our business and the best advertising for a job well done.


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