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Real estate estimates

Find out the real price of the property.

Do you need a qualified estimate of the real estate market price? We will be happy to provide this service to you as part of the property sale service – FOR FREE!

Whether you are looking for an estimate for any reason, please feel free to contact us. You need most estimates for the following purposes:

•    inheritance proceedings
•    property settlement
•    divorce proceedings
•    court settlement of property
•    restitution proceedings
•    enforcement proceedings
•    buying and selling real estate and more

We will help you estimate the cost of these properties:

•    family house
•    holiday house (cottage)
•    residential and non-residential premises
•    halls, garages, commercial premises
•    lands and more

What is needed to estimate?

If you want to find out the market price and need an estimate, we'll ask you for the following documents:

•    extract from the cadaster (can be provided on request)
•    acquiring principal (can be provided on request)
•    project documentation
•    photo documentation (in case it‘s not possible to see the property in person)

Contact us.
We will arrange an appointment for which we’ll pass the necessary information over a cup of coffee.
We look forward to you.

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