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Finally, get the job you love! One that will NOT bind you, but will enrich you with new experiences & contacts. Become a broker!

We are no branch network or franchise. You don't have to pay any fees to become our colleague.

Make a dream reality. Send us your CV right away!

What is like to work in our real estate agency?

  • You will have time for your hobbies and interests, family and social life.
  • You will get to know a lot of great people and get valuable contacts.
  • You will have your time under your control. It's up to you how you plan it.
  • You work for yourself, but you are never alone. We will share with you what we can do.
  • You choose a unique custom promotion - business cards, car stickers, articles or online ads.
  • You will continue to train, participate in projects and other events.
  • Try it, even if you have no experience. We'll train you. All you need is a business spirit and knowledge of Prague and its surroundings.


A supervisor who will consult with you on business steps will take you from the start. It will also help you during tours. In addition, you will start training and attend seminars right from the start.

What are you going to do?

Everybody knows what the work of a broker is. Telephoning clients and interested parties, arranging tours and their realization and finding new properties. With us you get nice colleagues and proper background for your growth.

You get a business notebook, an unlimited tariff (even for private purposes) and access to the real estate system.

We have an office in the center of Prague. You will enjoy its background! You do NOT pay any fees, you will advertise for free. Advice from attorney? Feel free to call anytime you want.

…and what else?

Send us a CV and become our colleague! It’s THAT simple.

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