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Studio apartment, 1+kk, 1+1.. we all know these names and use them during a regular call, and often when dealing with a real estate agent or lawyer. But are we using them well? What’s the difference between 2+1 and 3+kk? And what’s the studio? We have prepared a cheat sheet for you!


But why should you care? If you’re looking for a new home and you are interested in such apartments, you will not be disappointed that you have come to see the apartment with layouts that don’t suit you. Or you won't get your offer inaccurate. You’ll save yourself, brokers and apartment owners or those interested in renting a lot of time and no misunderstandings. And that's what's going on!

It’s also good to say that the layout of the apartment doesn’t indicate its size. Even an apartment with generous space can be one-roomed with a kitchenette. In addition, the label is not standardized and everyone can indicate what they like in the ad. Therefore, observe the size of the floor area in square meters and always look at the apartment first with your own eyes.


1+0 – one room, bathroom, hallway, no kitchen, no kitchenette

1+kk – one room, kitchenette, bathroom

1+1 – one room, kitchenette as separate room, hallway, bathroom

1+kk –  kitchenette within small apartment


The first digit is the number of rooms (they must be at least 8 sqm based on law).

The second number is a separate kitchen (+1) or kitchenette (+ kk).

A separate kitchen is one that has its own window and is separated by walls from the rest of the apartment.

And what is the studio?

The studio is usually the smallest apartment in which we can live. Must be at least 16 sqm. The studio therefore represents one room with facilities (1+kk) - an apartment with a separate kitchen. At the studio, be careful what is meant by it. You can meet even the term 1+0 - such flat does not have a kitchen. It can be solved temporarily, for example by a cooker on a cabinet.

You already know the layouts of the apartments. Check out our offer to see where your dream is hidden.
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