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Headline graphics. Topic: pets and living spaces. How to and what to look out for.

Certainly all enthusiasts of dogs, cats and other living treasures will agree with us that many times it was complicated and impossible for you - to find a suitable space that would support the daily presence of pets. In this article, we bring you useful advice that will be useful to everyone who does NOT intend to give up their pet.

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Just as not all animals are identical, not all apartment complexes have the same rules - when it comes to your pet. If you're currently looking for the ideal space, it's essential for you to obtain all the important information. Definitely start with a simple question - whether a pet can enter a given apartment/house. You'll save a lot of valuable time and effort. Landlords have the right to limit certain breeds, pets themselves in general, the weight of pets and the number of pets that a tenant may have. Sometimes you may be granted an exception, but often this is only in specific situations. Watch out!

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An increase in fees or a deposit may be associated with the approval of animals in an apartment or house. The decision depends on the owner of the premises and mutual agreement. Of course, the decisive word will be in the contract, which will be signed by both parties. Comprehensive agreements protect people, properties and the pets as well.

The tenant who has a pet must agree with the owner on the relevant conditions, in a joint contract.

The deposit guarantees the owners that if something happens in the area thanks to the animals,
the financial deposit will be given - in a certain amount and on time.

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Many homeowners and property managers can be flexible with you - if you can prove that you and your pet are responsible tenants. If the owner is willing to discuss with you, it is on the right track. Feel free to show him photos of your pet, state what breed it is and what weight your pet has. A big plus is the excellent health and certainly also certificates of training and/or certificates in general - of any sort.

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And adjustments can begin! May you always be one step forward.

▪ Keep windows and doors closed.

▪ Cover the outlets and secure the electrical cables. Pay attention to the initiative of animals for contact with drawers. Use relevant caps.

▪ Always set boundaries: if you have an extremely inquisitive friend, provide him with a fence or a cage.

▪ Pay attention to puppies and their interest in wooden chairs... A better choice may be to buy tables and chairs with metal legs.

▪ Have easily accessible toys = so that your pets can have fun every time. Make it tastier than your furniture!

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We recommend that you thoroughly examine the civic amenities of the place that will be your home. Are there pet-oriented stores in place? Are there enough spacious parks in the area? We enclose a list of pet-friendly parks that will suit every good breeder:

Petřín [Prague 1]: If you want romance, but you just don't have your half with you, enjoy a relaxing time with your pet. "Petřínské sady" (gardens) are a prime example of a pleasant afternoon. Pets are allowed here and the characteristic panoramic view will accompany you with various paths and secluded gardens. The pet thus gets the well-deserved space for realization.

Kampa Island - "Ostrov Kampa" [Prague 1]: Option of picnic, rest, time spent in the presence of the most beloved ones. And what if they're precisely animals? Give them a real experience in the form of a day within the second most beautiful city island in the world. The grassy areas will provide an ideal opportunity for a paddock and entertainment will be taken care of.

Stromovka [Prague 7]: In the immediate vicinity of the "Výstaviště Holešovice" (exhibition grounds), is the "Královská obora" (mentioned park), where you will really feel royal. Why? Today, this park is known as Stromovka, and in addition to comprehensive sports use, it offers a beautiful space where you can take your pet. Most trees and shrubs here are influenced by humans. At the ponds you will find bushy vegetation or possibly. flower beds of ornamental plants. The species composition of vegetation is influenced, among other species, by waterfowl, such as mallards (year-round occurrence in the place). In order to preserve the original animal community, the elemental skeleton is composed of domestic woody plants.

Letná [Prague 7]: Do you like summer walks in the park? "Letenské sady" (gardens) will bring a refreshing change to your day. Athletes, breeders and nature enthusiasts always have their place to visit here. Whether you want to have a picnic today or a unique view, the park is here for your use. And if you get tired, the summer garden of the local restaurant (eastern part of the park) will help you relax.

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We believe that you liked our tips and that you'll be happy to apply them.
Finally, we'll reveal a brief explanation - in case the landlord does NOT know his/her final decision.

Explain the following to him/her:

Damage: The idea of cats shredding carpet or dogs destroying floors can be troubling for the owners. It's advisable to offer a deposit large enough to cover unforeseen damages. It will be used only when needed and the owner will have peace of mind.

Noise/behavior: Bring your pet with you to meet the owner. It's positive to see a well-trained dog or a calm cat. You can also offer references of your pet from property owners of your previous homes.

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