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Anyone who has ever sold or bought property has had to find out what its value is. You also need to estimate your property in situations such as inheritance, property tax, or pledge. What is an estimate of property and how it works, we will be happy to advise you.

You also need to estimate your property to get a mortgage loan. This guarantees that the bank will be able to sell it if you are unable to repay it.


After the bank has ordered the estimate of the property, an appraiser for the area will contact you. He will talk to you on a date when he will get to the house, apartment or land without any problem. There should be somebody who knows the property and can determine its history (what concerns reconstruction and repair). The estimate will then take place within a few days.

They won't be looking into the closets… but they'll look at everything else.

Are you worried about where the appraisers look? They need to see all the furnishings of the apartment or house, from land to cellar. He takes photos, asks you about the age of the house, whether there were renovations, the age of the wastes, heating and measures the rooms. They won't be interested in your furniture.

The appraiser will do the rest of the work with him at home or in the office. It compares surroundings, social amenities, inspects ads, and finally determines the estimated price.

Sometimes, we will not affect the price of the property. But to be sure that the estimate will be fine, you can prepare yourself a little before it. First of all, make sure that a generally accessible path leads to your house or land. Pay attention to the front gardens around the apartment buildings - they must be in the passport of the roads or the owners of the apartment must have a rent for it.

  • A market price estimate is made for the bank - one for which a property can possibly be sold when you want to guarantee it for a mortgage.
  • For the tax office (for the purposes of real estate transfer tax), an expert opinion is required. The appraisers have given tables. Therefore, the market price and the price in the expert opinion often differ.


A qualified estimate of the market price of a property may not be carried out by the bank in many cases. These are inheritance proceedings, property rights settlement, execution proceedings, abolition of joint property of spouses after divorce and so on. In this case, you can contact an experienced and qualified real estate agent. Like us!


Did your bank order an estimate and assigned you an appraiser? You don't have to worry about being a bank employee and hence pushing the property estimate down unnecessarily low. Appraisers are independent entrepreneurs and have only a contract with the bank, sometimes with more than one at a time. Mostly they do not only for banks but also for private individuals. An appraiser can also be a real estate broker who will provide you with an estimate for a family house, cottage, apartment or garage.

Believe that the appraiser does not dare to make an estimate deliberately wrong. Therefore, do not even try to persuade him to drag the scales to your advantage.


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