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You don't even think, and you live in a place that is more like a B-thriller scene. At best, the beginning of a tragicomedy. A pig farm around the corner, a mouse in the floor, neighbors enjoying the rushing techno music… these are just a few of the scenarios that happen when you don't pay attention when you take over the apartment. Whether within rental or sale purposes.


We have already encountered unfortunate people who wanted to move away from horror places as soon as possible. And believe it’s not easy. As soon as you know about the problem, it's hard to not tell them about it when they’ll surely ask how’s the living in here. Then it’s challenging to find a substitute. This will only make your sale or rent more difficult.


Imagine the day you have been waiting for long months, if not years, to come. Moving to the dream apartment! Keys are just yours, there are no former owners or real estate agents. You want to connect a lamp to shine on the unpacking ... but the drawer doesn't work! Therefore, you call an electrician who finds that the problem is far more extensive, the circuits are broken and the repair climbs to tens of thousands. Misfortune of your bank account. And the idea that you paid for bad property will not please you too much.

This is still a weak example of how it turns out when you don't check everything in advance. When uncovering the floor, you may encounter mouse nests or a problem with wet walls. Be a little "sneaky" and want to know the state of everything you need to make your living a nightmare. Take an electrician's friend, a bricklayer dad, or a professional expert directly with you for a tour. You’ll live here, so you have the right to want to know the first last apartment.


  • What is the state of electricity, when the last electrical wiring was reconstructed and what is it from?
  • What about the walls? Aren't they moist or straight? Are there pipelines and no mice?
  • New floors need to be made? And if they're new, are they done properly?
  • Don't you pay the entire paycheck for the blowing window?
  • How does the heating work here? Does the heating work fine?
  • Who deals with repairs in common areas? Does the community have someone who cares about the house?

Go around the area, at night!

It’s clear that if you want complete peace and solitude, you have to move to a chalet in the mountains. But you deserve a little bit of peace. There is nothing worse than going home after a long day of work and listening to the thunderous music of neighbors or experiencing other pleasures every day.

Go on a good exploration. Take the place at night, sit on the bench and listen. And even sniff. Believe that the unpleasant smell can be as unpleasant as the noise. Also watch what people you meet in the neighborhood. You’ll avoid the unpleasant finding that you are adjacent to a landfill or unpleasant neighbors.


Did you know that as a new owner you may experience an unpleasant energy surplus? Debts done by previous tenants and owners are not unique. Outstanding amounts go up to tens of thousands, plus the company can refuse to reconnect energy back until you pay.

To keep your eyes out of crying, ask around about apartment energies. This will be given to you by the energy provider or the unit owners' association (or housing cooperative). 


The list of questions you should ask for a tour of the apartment would be very long. Therefore, be sure to contact a specialist. A solid real estate agent will tell you how it is. We honor the broker's ethical code, so you won't hear any half-truths or even lies from us. We like our work and so we want to fulfill its purpose in the first place - to find new homes for people so that they live in their best. 

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