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Living Dreams: 7 tips on how to choose the ideal land for construction

Save time and money - choose a land with a piece of sense in your hand. How to choose the right one for your dream house?

Location is important

There is no construction as a construction - and there is no place as a place. Location is important. Do you want to stay in the city, near it or do you long for the romance of the countryside? Do you want neighbours or long for loneliness? When thinking about the location also consider civic amenities, noise or land price. So where do you want to live?

Appearance matters

Size and shape are also significant details of the choice of land or garden for construction. The minimum plot size for building a smaller house should be from 600 m². It depends mainly on how much space the building, road, sidewalks or grassy area take up. A certain indicator may also be whether you have a dog or plan to breed animals. Depending on the type of construction and your needs, choose also regarding the shape of the land. What garden do you want to have?

  • Beware of orientation

    Orientation to the cardinal points is also important. Invite the sun to visit - in the house and in the garden. Not only that you can choose a suitable plot of land, but also the orientation of the building. This is quite a crucial factor if you want to have a swimming pool in the garden - and ideally sunlit all day.

  • Plane or slope?

    Do you want to simplify the construction? Place on a comfortable flat land. The land on the slope brings higher implementation costs - although it also has its charm. Sloping gardens can be extremely elegant and beautiful but count on their relatively difficult maintenance.

  • Availability of utilities

    Availability of electricity, gas, sewerage, public water supply - an eternal theme. Are engineering connections on or within the property? If so, you worry less. Otherwise, it is necessary to invest in overcoming obstacles. The treatment of missing electrical connections may be the most difficult, while less demanding cases arise in the absence of sewer or gas. Gas can be replaced by electricity, public water supply wells and sewerage, for example, a practical wastewater treatment plant.

  • Beware of access to the property

    Public roads do not always lead to the land or garden. If to the plot leads road through a private plots, access must be legally treated - also for obtaining a mortgage or trouble-free construction. A possible solution in such cases is the easement. You can checks the easements also on the owner's own land plot (Ownership sheet) - to avoid any problem. How to prevent complications? Ideally inquire at the local authority - for example, about future plans, construction and so on - so than nothing will surprise you. And finally? Do not forget to imagine your dream house - and you will find out what plot is the best for you.


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