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Don't worry about exclusivity - bet on its pluses

When we talk about an exclusive contract with a real estate agency, not everyone is immediately positive and in favour of this solution. However, the sale or purchase of land, garden, apartment or house is an important process that shouldn't be underestimated. So why not leave them to specialists?

With pleasure, without worries

Don't want to deal with sales? Then leave it to experts from a proven real estate agency. You don't need to look for candidates or worry about advertising. Actually, with the signed exclusivity you don't need almost anything. However, you should not offer the property yourself - because you might be fined. On the other hand, with an exclusive contract you get comprehensive service - and an overview of what is going on, how the sale is going, what is the best price. And these are pluses.

Credible sale

Among the advertisements you will act more as a credible seller with advertisements through a single agency rather than as someone who sells through many servers, websites, and offers a variety of assets through real estate agents. This can also be an aspect that votes for exclusivity. Otherwise, the ads sometimes have a negative effect - the candidate may feel that you are unable to sell the property. Put yourself in the hands of experts - under an exclusive contract they will make sure you are seen - as seriously as possible.

Why to conclude the exclusivity?

An exclusive contract is a protection for you and your real estate agency. While they treat for you and for the buyer all the service, the broker can be sure that his work and invested time will be rewarded. However, be careful when signing this contract. When working together, pay attention to the time for which you conclude it, read the contract thoroughly and go through it with your real estate agent.

For the buyer

An exclusive contract is also a good sales argument for those interested. It often happens that without it the property is offered by several different real estate agents and the interested person is thus contacted from all sides. Ask yourself: would it be credible to you? Different prices of the property, different approach and different amount of commission? Ultimately, an exclusive contract is a guarantee for everyone - even for the buyer.

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