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You know, maybe you have already travelled and stayed in a property that its owners rent - in the short term and for a nice money. This is exactly how AirBnb works, which you can not only use, but even actively engage. Want to start earning?

The AirBnb rental service somewhat copies the trend of a shared economy. A simple idea that allows you to rent a nice apartment, apartment or whole villa at affordable prices. So you may know the service, but do you also know its opposite, and even brighter side? You can also become a landlord - if you have a suitable property. And you don't? Never mind - you can buy it.

Why AirBnb?

The difference between the income from long-term rented property and the short-term rented property is striking - short-term stays bring more money. The price is higher, but still not high enough to compete with hotels or commercial accommodation. For this reason, you can easily earn without losing your property. What you need? A little of the administration, patience, and cleaning time - unless you hire someone for this service.

Long term rent apartment 1bd (calendar month)

Short-term rental of apartment 1bd (1000 CZK per night, same interval)

How to do it?

You must have a suitable property. It should be well furnished, in an attractive location. Apartments in big cities, country cottages and luxury villas are just in demand - simply places worth visiting. Seasonal rental is also to be expected. However, it is possible that, depending on the location, the property will not be busy all year round. So where do you go?

What if you don't have a property?

If you reach for a mortgage, the way to earning is easy. Not only that you get the property, you will also get paid the mortgage, and you will earn some extra money. You need to find out what kind of loan you will get, then find a suitable property and arrange it accordingly. Advertising you can do also thru social networks. Do you want to get an apartment for your summer vacation, for your children or just to earn you? Go ahead!

Let the short-term rental yield calculate:

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