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5 tips on how to secure a property before going on holiday

Going on a well-deserved vacation? Remember to secure your property. Enjoy your free time - but without worrying. How to go on holiday and prevent an uninvited visit by a thief?

Social networks? Rather not!

The most common mistake is the good old social networking status, which praises the departure for holidays. Sure, you want to share your enthusiasm, but wait for it when you return. By mentioning social networks, you are showing that your property will be abandoned for some time - and that's not a good idea.

TIP: Show off to your friends and loved ones after returning from vacation. Even social networks will not escape, so why spoil your pleasant moments of leisure?

Open windows? Don't ventilate.

No ventilation! It could be that the robbers are venting your family budget. Secure windows. If you want to ventilate regularly, ask a close person to oversee the property while you are away. Check all windows carefully before leaving.

Full mailbox says it all

A full mailbox indicates that you are not present. So ask a reliable neighbour to collect your mail while you are away. A cluttered mailbox is just another signal that could lure uninvited guests with malicious intentions.

Keep everything under control

To avoid having to worry, it is easiest to leave your keys to a close and trusted person. This assistant can take care of everything - mail selection, regular ventilation and property control. In addition, he would have spare keys with him - and if anything had happened, he would be ready to get into the house or apartment. And if you lost your keys while traveling? Never mind, go home and resolve this concern after a calm relax and unpack.


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