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Real estate sale is a time-consuming process that requires relatively complicated legal acts. A number of necessary documents need to be procured, studied and signed.

Working with our real estate agency will speed up the process considerably and save you a lot of potential problems, worries and money.

1) A professional tour of your property by our brokers

A tour of your property is a necessary foundation for quality service. When determining the real market price of the sale price, not only the real estate itself (age, condition, equipment or location of the apartment to the house), but also its surroundings (civic amenities, transport services, greenery) and also other current properties for sale in the given locality play a role.

2) Preparing the property for sale

Before you offer your property for sale, it is important to prepare it thoroughly to enhance its attractiveness. Our real estate agent will advise you on proven tips and recommend or provide a specific expert who can take care of everything for you. The property should be designed to allow the prospective buyer to have his or her own idea of ​​the possible use of the apartment or its equipment. Gardens by family houses should be maintained. When shooting a property, we recommend disposing of the property, ie to remove personal items or other things that could reduce the attractiveness of the property in the eyes of those interested due to the lower ability of those interested to imagine the use of the property for themselves. After all, professional photographs sell the property. Furthermore, it is important to ensure the energy performance certificate of the building prior to sale according to the applicable legislation. Non-compliance with this obligation is subject to a fine of up to 100.000 Kč/CZK. We will arrange this service if necessary.


Our broker will thoroughly familiarize you with the usual conditions of our cooperation. In case of co-operation, together with a real estate agent represented by our real estate agent, conclude a service brokerage agreement. This agreement guarantees mutual respectability not only in the course of cooperation, but also during the business transaction, contains agreed conditions and entitles the broker to offer the property and negotiate with the interested parties.


Our team will prepare a professional presentation of your property for its marketing promotion and for dealing with interested parties. An integral part of our strategy is tailor made advertising of your property. Presentation of your property contains photo documentation, all general but also technical information about your property, floor plans and other necessary information. Our main goal is to separate each property from others so that it is more recognizable and immediately impresses the client.

5) Including your property into our database

We are able to put your property into our internal database within a few hours of our first meeting and then export it to all major real estate servers for both domestic and foreign clients. After inserting your offer into our database, your property will start pairing with all the relevant active requests from the entire database and its professionally prepared presentation will be sent to all potential candidates using the newsletter (EMAIL).


Our broker, after consultation with you, will choose the right person to visit the property. This saves your time and often interferes with your privacy.


If the buyer found by us decides on the terms and conditions agreed in advance for your property, the conclusion of a reservation contract (real estate property reservation agreement) follows, based on which the client makes the booking fee. The real thing is thus reserved for the buyer and the contracting parties are subsequently sent a draft contract for the conclusion of a future purchase contract (it is concluded in cases where both the seller and the buyer are interested in concluding the sales contract, but for some reasons it is not yet possible). if the property is a property registered in the real estate cadastre) or an agreement to transfer a cooperative share in a housing cooperative (if the cooperative stake in the housing cooperative is the subject of the sale). In the meantime, you and the buyer have time to study the documents sent, and the buyer may also settle the financing (K&Š MAXXUS REALITY, s.r.o. offers a free mortgage loan, which may lead to a faster sales process and possible omission of a contract to conclude a future purchase contract).


The contracting parties will sign all necessary contracts, our real estate agency will arrange for their submission to the cadastral office or their submission to the cooperative. The custodian then submits the necessary documents to give you the purchase price. At the same time, as a seller of real estate registered in the real estate register, you have the obligation to pay a tax on the acquisition of immovable property, which is 4% of the acquisition value of the property. The deposit for this tax is then sent by the custodian directly to the account of the relevant tax office based on the submitted tax return on the acquisition of immovable property, which we will elaborate for you.


We are still with you when handing over the property. Our broker will provide a handover protocol for handing over the apartment, recording the state of the energy meters (electricity, hot and cold water, heat and gas) and filling in the electricity / gas applications.


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