Upravit stránku

The requirements for selling and renting real estate are complicated. The deadlines, custody of the purchase price, cadastral offices… and it TAKES TIME, WHICH NO ONE HAS. And when a man has it, it’s too rare for him. 
Don’t be desperate if you can’t sell or rent a property yourself or through another real estate agency.

We'll take it for you!

Only someone who knows how to offer a property, where to advertise and who to contact can find a buyer who buys for an attractive price. Reducing the price is often not the solution. It costs you unnecessary money, which you would rather use for a nice holiday or equipment of a new home. 

Over 2 500 clients have given us their trust.

Offer us the property right now.

With us you sell and rent smartly.

What would you say if we sold your property at the maximum possible price, but it wouldn't cost you anything? The price at which you want to sell or rent a property is automatically increased by our commission. You will receive the required amount.

Let us worry about selling and renting, from offering to presenting the property to handing over the keys to new owners. We'll rid you of these worries while selling for as much as you can.

Entrust us your property for sale or rent. We will listen to how you imagine everything, agree on how our cooperation will look and all the unnecessary worries will fall off your shoulders.


  • All sales fees are at our expense. Selling through our real estate agency doesn't really cost you anything.

  • You get the highest possible price for your property.
  • With sales and rentals through our real estate agency, you will have no unnecessary worries.
  • Your apartment, house, land or perhaps non-residential space will appear on the most visited sites and advertising sites.
  • Meetings with candidates, tours are up to us.
  • We know how best to attract those who are fit for your property.
  • Sell your property with us! Just write and we will contact you.
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