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Often such freaking wars arise between buyers and sellers. And quite unnecessarily. The laws clearly state what one of them is entitled to. If we use a little common sense to do this, the whole sale can go without complications.


First you decide which property will be your new home or business place. Of course, you are entitled to a tour where you can climb the property from the cellar to the attic. Look at it several times. A solid broker and owner will understand that you are curious.


You can bring with you an objective judge (friend, relative). Maybe more questions come to him. Ask a lot - neighbors, property status, history and future. What's going on around the building? How does it look at night, is there no noise from the side pub? How long has it been since someone checked statics? All questions must be answered.

BE 100% SURE!

You should know the real technical condition of the building when you buy it. It also gives the seller the law. Ideally, you should receive a status report.


  • Energy Performance Certificate (PENB) - in some cases it may not be documented (for example, in industrial buildings, cultural monuments, seasonal cottages, etc.).
  • The obligation to supply the energy label is given by the wording of Act 406/2000 Coll. It is being developed to get an idea of the building's energy demands.
The seller must also provide you with the required documents that you should hand over to you in a real estate transaction. They mainly relate to the technical condition of the building.


According to the Building Act, you should also get drawings of the current state of the house. However, because it often does not correspond to the current state, it is proved by the completed passport building. It is a documentation of the actual construction.


Of course, even if you sell, you have your rights.


If you sell real estate through a real estate agency, you will enjoy the luxury of being able to afford not to take part in tours. Brokers can give you the keys and don't worry about anything else. If you do not want. Otherwise, of course, you have the right to get to know all those interested.

If you want to avoid the risk that the candidate will claim a property, have a quality report, the so-called Technical Property Certificate. You will have a clear conscience that you have not blocked any defects.

Think well about the purchase price. Make the best deal with a broker who will advise you on how attractive your property will be. A reputable real estate agency will raise your price for your commission, with which it will offer the property, and you will not pay anything.

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